Where is HOM Studios?

HOM Studios is strategically located in Mansfield, at the heart of the United Kingdom, offering easy access from all directions.


Can I make a lot of noise?

Absolutely! The studio is situated underground and is enveloped by our sister company, EXXXIST. To help with noise control, we’ve implemented noise bafflers throughout the room. However, we kindly request that you keep all fire doors closed and the curtains drawn to minimize any noise escaping.


Is HOM Studios discreet?

We completely understand the importance of discretion. Our studio is housed in an old cotton mill away from busy roads. To maintain discretion and avoid disturbing our neighbours, we request that you wear appropriate clothing when entering and leaving the building.


What is the maximum capacity?

At present, our maximum capacity is set at 8 individuals, and there’s a fee of £30 per person beyond the initial 4 people. If you’re considering something with a larger group, kindly reach out to us via email at hello@homstudios.co.uk.


Can I use HOM Studios for events?

Whether you can use HOM Studios for your event depends on the nature of the event you have in mind. Please get in touch with us via email at hello@homstudios.co.uk, and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.


So I can film and take photos at the studio, right?

Indeed, HOM Studios was specifically designed for this purpose. We understand the need for a secure and stylish space for filming content and capturing photos, which is why HOM Studios was created. Our studio is well-suited for a wide range of uses, from couples to larger groups and professional adult content creators.


Can I smoke inside the studio?

We kindly request that you refrain from smoking inside the building. Smoking is prohibited in UK commercial units, and it’s against the law. Additionally, smoking indoors could trigger our fire alarms. Any evidence of smoking inside the studio will result in the forfeiture of your entire security deposit. For additional information, kindly refer to our Terms and Conditions.


What does the security deposit cover?

Following your booking, we will send a separate invoice to cover the security deposit. This deposit serves as a safeguard to protect our studio against damages and losses. Typically, your deposit will be fully refunded approximately 48 hours after your visit, provided that the studio passes a successful inspection by one of our team members.



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