Terms & Conditions

HOM Studios Terms and Conditions

1. Acceptance of HOM Studios Terms and Conditions

By using HOM Studios services and facilities, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before proceeding.

2. Booking and Reservations

2.1. To make a reservation or booking, you must provide accurate and complete information, including your contact details. HOM Studios will contact you via email to confirm your booking and to provide your pin code for entry to the studio. 

2.2. Reservations are subject to availability and are not confirmed until you receive confirmation from HOM Studios.

2.3. Any changes or cancellations to reservations must be made in accordance with our cancellation policy.
2.4. Reservations must be made 5 working days prior to arrival. 

3. Payment

3.1. Payment for services must be made in advance or in accordance with the agreed-upon terms. 

3.2. HOM Studios reserves the right to change pricing and payment terms at any time, with prior notice.

4. Cancellation and Refund Policy

4.1. Cancellations must be made within the time frame specified in our cancellation policy to be eligible for a refund.

4.2. HOM Studios reserves the right to retain a portion of the payment or charge a cancellation fee in accordance with our cancellation policy.

4.3. In the event that we are compelled to cancel a booking due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, such as natural disasters, flooding, or other force majeure events, we will make every effort to reschedule the booking at a mutually convenient time.


  1. Access Code Support: In the event that the provided access code fails to grant entry, customers are encouraged to promptly reach out to our customer support team via email or WhatsApp.
  2. Immediate Response: Our team is committed to providing swift assistance and will respond promptly to all inquiries regarding access code issues.
  3. Resolution Options: Upon contact, customers will have the option to receive a replacement access code, a physical key, or assistance with entry via buzzer systems.
  4. Refund Policy: Failure to notify us of access code issues may result in the inability to process a refund. It is essential for customers to promptly reach out for assistance to ensure timely resolution and eligibility for refunds.

Please note that in such circumstances as detailed above, we are not responsible for any fees or costs incurred by the customer, including but not limited to travel expenses, accommodation costs, or any other related charges. It is the responsibility of the customer to make any necessary arrangements and bear any associated expenses resulting from the rescheduling.

5. Use of Facilities

5.1. Users of HOM Studios facilities are responsible for their conduct and must adhere to all house rules and guidelines.

5.2. HOM Studios reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for disruptive or inappropriate behaviour.

6. Security Deposit

6.1. Security Deposit Requirement:
6.1.1. A security deposit is required to secure and confirm your booking. The deposit will be returned after a satisfactory inspection and compliance with our terms and conditions.

6.2. Payment Deadline:
6.2.1. The security deposit must be paid in full at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled start of the booking.

6.3. Forfeiture of Booking:
6.3.1. If the security deposit is not received within the specified timeframe, the booking will be considered null and void.
6.3.2. In such cases, the entire booking will be forfeited, and you will not be entitled to any refund.

6.4. Cancellation Policy:
6.4.1. Failure to submit the security deposit within the stipulated time frame will result in automatic cancellation of the booking.
6.4.2. No exceptions or extensions will be granted beyond the 48-hour deadline.

6.5. Refund Policy:
6.5.1. In the event of a forfeiture due to non-payment of the security deposit, you will not be eligible for any refund or credit.

6.6. Payment Methods:
6.6.1. Accepted payment methods for the security deposit will be communicated to you at the time of booking.
6.6.2. Ensure that the chosen payment method allows for timely processing to meet the 48-hour deadline.

6.7. Communication and Reminders:
6.7.1. It is your responsibility to ensure timely payment of the security deposit.
6.7.2. We may send reminders, but non-receipt of such reminders does not exempt you from the obligation to make the payment on time.

6.8. Modifications:
6.8.1. Any modification to the booking, including changes in date or duration, must be communicated and approved in advance.
6.8.2. Changes may affect the security deposit amount and payment deadline.

6.9. Agreement Acceptance:
6.9.1. By confirming your booking, you acknowledge and agree to comply with this security deposit policy.

6.10. Reservation of Rights:
6.10.1. We reserve the right to amend or update this policy without prior notice.
6.10.2. It is your responsibility to review the terms and conditions periodically for any changes.

6.11. Inventory Check:
6.11.1. In your welcome pack, you will find a comprehensive list of all items available at HOM Studios.
6.11.2. Upon arrival, carefully review the inventory list to ensure the presence of all specified items.
6.11.3. If any item is missing, contact us immediately at hello@homstudios.co.uk for assistance.

6.12. Confirmation of Agreement:
6.12.1. Lack of communication regarding missing items implies agreement with the provided inventory list.
6.12.2. A thorough inventory check will be conducted after your departure to confirm item presence.

6.13. Missing Items and Replacement Costs:
6.13.1. Missing items discovered post-departure will result in replacement costs deducted from your security deposit.
6.13.2 If replacement costs exceed the security deposit, reimbursement will be sought through other means.

6.14. Damage Reporting:
6.14.1. Report any damages during your stay promptly to hello@homstudios.co.uk to prevent potential loss of the security deposit.

6.15. Smoking Policy:
6.15.1. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the studio.
6.15.2. Any evidence of smoking will lead to the forfeiture of the entire security deposit.

6.16. Exceeding Time Slot:
6.16.1. If your session exceeds the allocated time by 15 minutes, a charge of Β£25 for the full hour will be deducted from your security deposit.
6.16.2. This charge compensates for potential delays for the next booking’s entry.

6.17. Cleaning Fee:
6.17.1. If the studio is left in an excessively dirty or untidy state, additional cleaning charges may apply, and these will be deducted from your security deposit.

6.18. Contact Information:
6.18.1. For inventory concerns, missing items, damages, or other inquiries, contact us at hello@homstudios.co.uk.

Please carefully review and adhere to these guidelines to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience at HOM Studios. Your cooperation in maintaining the studio’s integrity is appreciated.

7. Liability and Indemnification

7.1. HOM Studios is not liable for any loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings or equipment during your use of our facilities.

7.2. You are responsible for your own activities while in the studio. We are hiring the studio for you to use as an adult-themed photographic and movie studio. We do not accept any responsibility for any personal injury sustained in the studio during your hire or any damage or loss of personal items. By entering the venue, you agree to these terms.

8. Termination of Services

8.1. HOM Studios reserves the right to terminate services and access to facilities at any time for non-compliance with these terms and conditions or for any other reason deemed appropriate.

9. Privacy Policy

9.1. HOM Studios respects your privacy. Please refer to our privacy policy for details on how we handle your personal information.

10. Changes to Terms and Conditions

10.1. HOM Studios may modify these terms and conditions at any time, with prior notice.

11. Governing Law

11.1. These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with English law.

12. Contact Information

12.1 For any inquiries or concerns related to these terms and conditions, please contact us at hello@homstudios.co.uk

13. Equipment Usage

13.1 Please be advised that HOM Studios takes the utmost care in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for our guests. We would like to inform you that while we make every effort to ensure the cleanliness of all equipment provided at our studio, we cannot guarantee the absence of contaminants. By using and sharing equipment at HOM Studios, you acknowledge and agree that:

13.2 HOM Studios is not responsible for any potential contamination that may occur during the usage of equipment.

13.3 We undertake the diligent practice of washing and sanitising all used equipment after each booking to minimise the risk of contamination.

13.4 It is the responsibility of the users to exercise caution and personal discretion when utilising shared equipment, and to adhere to any guidelines provided by HOM Studios.

13.5 Users are encouraged to inform HOM Studios immediately if they notice any issues or concerns regarding the cleanliness of the equipment.

13.6 HOM Studios disclaims any liability for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of equipment provided at the studio.

13.7 By using our studio facilities and equipment, you agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless HOM Studios, its employees, and affiliates from any claims, demands, or liabilities arising out of or related to the use of equipment at our studio.

13.8 HOM Studios offers cleaning equipment for your use.

Revised on 27/02/24, now including the incorporation of 4.3.

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

These Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) are entered into by and between the affiliate (“Affiliate,” “you,” or “your”) and HOM Studios (“Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our”).

1. Enrollment in the Program:
By applying to the Affiliate Program, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms. We reserve the right to reject or remove affiliates at our discretion.

2. Commission and Discount:
Affiliates will earn a commission of 10% of the total sale amount for each valid referral, and the referred customer will receive a discount of 10% off the booking total.

3. Payment:
Affiliates will be eligible to receive their commission through PayPal. Affiliates will only be able to cash in their commission once the referred customer has completed their booking and passed the refund window. This is to prevent fraudulent payouts due to cancellations.

4. Referral Tracking:
We will provide you with unique tracking links to monitor your referrals. Only referrals using your unique link will be eligible for commissions and customer discounts. Please note that we stop tracking cookies after 30 days.

5. Restrictions:
Affiliates may not engage in any form of spamming, illegal activities, or misrepresent our brand. Violation of these restrictions may result in the termination of the affiliate relationship.

6. Termination:
Either party may terminate the affiliate relationship at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party written notice of termination. Commissions will only be paid for referrals generated before the termination date.

7. Modification:
We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the Affiliate Program or these Terms at any time. Affiliates will be notified of any significant changes.

8. Confidentiality:
All confidential information, including but not limited to commission rates and referral tracking, shall be kept confidential by the affiliate.

9. Governing Law:
These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom, without regard to its conflict of law principles.

By joining our Affiliate Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to these Terms.


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